Dieting Myths

Dieting Myths

The feeling of being plump or overweight makes all of us anxious and the first thing we intrinsically do is reduce the food intake. We either omit breakfast from our morning routine or reduce the dinner quantity at night. The myth that reducing food intake will burn of calories, only leads to further difficulty in losing weight.

It is worth reminding here that it took millions of years for the human body to attain its shape. Life during that time was not the same as we lead today. Earlier, people used to starve and those who managed to sustain themselves in the event of lack of food developed an in-built body mechanism that helped them stay alive with low food intake.

Researchers do not find greater difference in the calories of obese and thin people, as they are more or less the same. The difference lies in the kind of food that obese people take as compared to the thin ones. Obese people tend to eat more fat while thin people’s diet mainly consists of complex carbohydrates and less of fat.

Companies, seeing the desperation of obese people, have managed to allure a lot of people to give into weight loss programs. Millions of people invest a lot of money in diet programs and products but they often regain their same or more weight after few years. A survey, conducted recently, revealed that none of the commercial diet programs could ever achieve a long-term or permanent success. That’s why FDA has now intervened to check on these new products and false claims made by these so-called diet industries make.

The myth that obese people carry is that calories is the main culprit in gaining weight. Calories are definitely a consideration but are not entirely to be blamed for excess weight. Lifestyle has a major role to play in this. Our lives have now become sedentary and our food habits have changed drastically over the past few decades.

Controlling just the diet and not taking steps to change the sedentary lifestyle will not allow us to enjoy our lost weight permanently. Regular exercise ensures an increased metabolic rate, which in turn helps in burning fat regularly.

Select any exercise you are comfortable with or simply walk as it is the best exercise to keep your bones strong; muscles toned, and weight under control.